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"I spent a YEAR using Google to start my business only to end up overwhelmed, confused with no paying clients. The Dental HyGenius did more for my business in 1 week than I accomplished in a whole year!"

Jess RDH, Founder
AHAVA, The Smiling Earth Fund 

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It's our highly popular and proven-successful Signature 6mo Program in Group Format! Along with the support
of your peers and alumni you'll be methodically guided as you take your dental biz from A to Money-Maker
and beyond.

  • Weekly 90 Minute Live Classes (recorded too!)
  • Interactive, Fun,
  • Private Digital Workspace
  • On Demand Resources

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  • where to direct your time and energy
  • a step-by-step action plan to make 
  • moves in the direction of your dreams
  •  a wealth of educational resources at your fingertips
  • live classes with The Dental HyGenius
  • advice and guidance
  • accountability and support
  • an incredible group of dental besties

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Dental biz development

We help dental professionals that want to get a biz from A to B but they don't know where to start.

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Within 4 weeks my schedule was full and  production up 25%. In 3 month's it had tripled, my team was happy and I was calm. The Dental HyGenius Team is unlike  anything available in dentistry today.

— elena benjamin dds
beverly hills, ca

"This program transformed my practice!"

"With 31 years in dentistry, I have never found any dental business development program as informed, dynamic, and impactful. Every dentist should work with The Dental HyGenius- without question!"

dr Ted Burnett, DMD
Los angeles, ca

"This program was the best investment—ever!"

"We started reaching record breaking monthly production on the third month and it hasn't stopped since. The best thing is, we're seeing fewer patients per day - and they're raving about us!
More Money, Less Work, and Super Fans! It's True!

The Dental Hygiene Collective
Toronto, ON

"This program has gotten me my dream clients!"

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Floss or Die - Ask Me Why
Create opportunities to educate folks on the oral-systemic link with a sense of urgency and a dash of LOL with this oversized, ring spun cotton, vintage-aesthetic style tee, that conveys the significance of hygiene services and gets patients asking questions!