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is a dental development consultancy.
We help dentistry based entrepreneurs and wantrepreneuers monetize their brand, expertise, and services to create robust revenue streams. 

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Creator of Business for Sellers of Dentistry, Consultant & Coach for Tooth Obsessed Entrepreneurs, Strategist of Dental Brands that Don't Suck.

ceo, Founder, RDH, BSDH, MEd

Sloan Beckett

creative director, b.f.a

Creative Overseer, Artistic Savant, and Super Cool Boss Babe. Social media content creation, curation, and strategist. Brand designer and developer.

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administrative assistant, b.B.a

Chief Coordinator, Arranger of All Things, Overseer of Administrative Staff, Community Liaison.

I’ve been in the field of dentistry since 1987. I was still in high school when I began working in a dental office, filing, pulling charts, typing - on an actual typewriter - and answering phones. Honestly, I was only there because my friends' mom offered me $3.75 an hour - a full half dollar over student minimum wage - it's not like I was moved by The Spirit to fulfill a destiny in dentistry or anything. Then again, maybe I was...

I have had the Great Cosmo’s align for me, when it came to being in the right place at the right time, having had the good fortune and the opportunities to meet, befriend, be trained by, get mentored by and work with some of the dental industry's Research Giants, Practice Management Pioneers and Dental Business Leaders. I'll spare you the name-dropping and let my accomplishments speak for themselves
I’ve provided hygiene services from the Arctic Circle for the Inuit peoples in 24 hours of darkness, to Bedford Drive, Beverly Hills for movie stars and Grammy winners. From Six Nations Native American Indian Reservations, rampant with alcoholism and abuse to the tony beach town of La Jolla where Non Disclosure Agreements must be signed before the patient arrives with their security detail.

I’ve lectured at Ivy League Universities and I’ve lectured at clínicas dental in third world countries. I’ve been directly responsible for the development of chemotherapeutics, cutting edge preventive products and dental program design. I’ve been a solo hygienist in a small (tiny) town practice and I’ve been National Director of Dental Hygiene and lead 250 associate dentists and hygienists to become top performers.

The reason I’ve been able to do this? I’m bananas for dentistry. I love everything about it. From the people, the patients, the science, the business. If it’s dentistry related, it’s my jam. 

The Dental HyGenius CEO's Story:

It’s my big purpose to elevate the kind of dentistry we do. To push the industry to drop legacy thinking and last century’s disproved science. #StatusQuoHasToGo

We have the power to save lives. Popular practices are not best practices #nomorebloodyprophys and the key to changing that is, well, changing that. But to what?
And there it is - my destiny in dentistry, I suppose. After 3 decades in the dental industry, 7 countries, 2 continents and thousands of #toothobsessedn professionals, I'm sharing with you what you need to master excellence in the business of dentistry and all that that entails. 
From answering phones to the C suite - I've been right where you are now. Don't go it alone. Let's talk. 


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Redondo Beach, CA



30 years in dentistry

The Dental HyGenius's Creative Director:

  -Sloan Beckett

Sloan's Story

I kept my desire to build a life centered around art a secret for a long time. Somewhere along the line, I'd picked up the false belief that art was a hobby and I should "get a real job". In my senior year of high school, as my friends applied to business school or premed, I sat in the career counselors office in tears.
She was frustrated with me. This was my third meeting with the counsellor and I had arrived, once again, with "I don't know what I want to do" instead of a list of potential careers as I'd been advised to do. She was going to have to call my parents I was advised.
When my mom got home from work that night, she came into my room and said, "Sloan, you were born with a gift. You have an obligation to share that with the world. You have been drawing since you were a year old - why don't you consider going to art school"?  That is the moment that I fully accepted myself for who I am. 

I was accepted with full ride scholarships to all 3 colleges that I applied to and graduated with honors in the middle of the pandemic shut down. My planned internship at an international fashion brand was cancelled and I had no idea what I was going to do.

I had a classmate who had become a good friend. Both of our moms are dental hygienists and we used to joke about them chasing us around with floss. She mentioned to me that her mom was starting a business and had asked her to post a job on the college job board for a part time Creative Director. I told her not to bother and asked for her moms phone number.

Getting to work for The Dental HyGenius has absolutely brought to reality my dream of building a life centered around art - and then some. This company deeply cares about its' mission and is uncompromising on delivering clients not what they want - but what they need and at the highest of standards. I've been pushed to continue to grow and hone my craft and once again, having a dental hygienist mom has really come in handy! 

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Los Angeles, CA

Otis College of Art and Design '20

Communication Arts


graphic design

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“No amount of security is worth the suffering of a mediocre life chained to a routine that has killed your dreams”.

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