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The Business of Dentistry

Pays For Itself? Tell Me More!

We've reimagined the dental experience for the 21st century by blending modern consumer brand business models with patient centered care. Our programs have a 100% success rate and pay for themselves in under 90 days. 


Build My Dream

if you don't build your dreams. someone else will hire you to build theirs.

Gimme the Best Hygiene Department Ever!

Dental Hygiene is the Best Kept Secret in Health Care. Boat Loads of Research Demonstrate that Your Level of Affluence is Inextricably Tied to Your Hygiene Department

The Business of Hygiene



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The Business of Business

Find out how!

Have or want to have a dentistry-based business outside of the clinic? Our 1:1 Signature Coaching Plan and Dental Start Up School will show you everything you need to know to create, launch and grow a dental brand that generates buzz and makes you BANK!

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Dental Brand Strategy

Instagram Ready!

Get eyes on your dental business and attract paying clients. We tap into the minds of your potential clients with our visual communication strategy created by our renowned in-house design team. 


Ways to Work Together

Remote, Zoom, Phone, Smoke Signal, Carrier Pigeon - We'll Make It Happen!


We come to you on site: North American (and the rest of the world by appointment).

On Site


1:1 or Group Coaching Gets Your Dental Biz Started Today!


"High Value Clients and Still Have Time for Family and Fun!"

"Transformed my Business and ME!"

"I knew I had something special to share with my professional world, but I had no idea where to start. Now I live my Passion & Purpose!"


"Badass Hygiene"
Paid Support Community

"I make more money than the dentist I used to work for and I make it doing something I love!"

Dental Assistant Turned Tooth Bling-er to The Stars!



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