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Brand design is the system of visual cues that function to adequately represent your exact brand. 

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See for yourself! These are some of our Creative Design Team's before and afters. You can see the companies original, lack luster branding juxtaposed to our reinvented designs. Which one do you prefer?

Why Do You Need Brand Design?

Humans perceive meaning 70% through visual cues. Therefore, your branding is indicating, even on a subconscious level, to your audience what your message is. Message meaning: what is your company, what you do, why your audience should trust you, etc...

Above are examples of how visual elements can visually embody what they denotatively mean. 

This is the objective with brand design. The visuals will embody the meaning of your brand.

1. Brand Design Kit Packages

Full Scope Brand Design Kit

4 hours brand strategy consult, design and implementation

2 mood boards to choose from

Color palette with your exact hex numbers

1 main logo, 2 submarks, favicon

Font (customized header, subheader, body)

4 brand icons/highlight covers

2 social media banners of your choosing

Business card files 

2 social media post templates

Mock ups of design kit

Virtual photoshoot with brand photography and posing guidelines, selected wardrobes (Photographer and wardrobe rental fees not included)

4 retouched photos from the shoot

Estimated: $2499 (payment plans available)
3-4 week turn around

*Custom Brand Strategy & Design Packages also available to meet your unique needs.

2. Mini Brand Design Kit Packages

2x1 hour brand strategy consult and design, 1x1 hour social media lessons

1 mood board 

Color palette 

1 main logo and 1 submark

Font (header, subheader body)

Social Media Package 1

Profile picture illustration

3 highlight covers

3 custom social media

Estimated: $849
(payment plans available)
2 week turn around

Social Media Package 2

Profile picture illustration

5 highlight covers

2 custom story templates

6 custom social posts/illustrations

Estimated $649
(payment plans available)
 2-3 week turn around


Social Media Illustration

Profile Picture

Social Media Template

Social Media Graphic

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What would someone who knows nothing about my brand think of it?

How is my logo speaking to my audience in a compelling way?

Was my brand design created with insight and research that presents itself well to my target audience?

Do I get business from my brand design or logo?

Would I be interested in a brand that had a logo like mine?

A logo is one piece to your brand design kit's thousand piece jigsaw puzzle. It should be designed with consideration to all other parts of your branding. Odds are if you commissioned someone to do a logo for you (or bless your soul you made it yourself) it does not relate with intention to the rest of it's counter parts within your visual identity.

Was your logo design created with awareness to your typography and colors? If you were to make a social media banner or email signature would you know how to put those together to create visual interest? It's best to have a fully built kit that will set you up for success in these areas, and luckily you've found the right place to do that!

Here we can define, design, build, and grow your biz!

We've got the receipts to show how much an impact branding can have on the success of your business and we want to make it happen for you too!

Step One

The Process

How Does it  Work ?

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four

We'll host a preliminary 25 minute virtual meeting to start the design process. Here you will share all your defining verbiage of your brand: your brand name, slogan, vision, mission, ideal clients, brand adjectives, etc. If you do not have any of these don't sweat it! We are happy to coach you through this, additionally. 

You'll be given a link to our Client Portal where you will have access to your account. We will go over initial ideas for the vibe of your brand design and we will collaborate on the direction to go next. We'll also make sure your strategy sessions are booked accordingly.

In your next meeting, we will present to you 1-2 mood boards for your project. This will set the tone and vibe for your brand design. We will have one round of edits here, if needed, to ensure we capture the vibe that precisely aligns with your vision. 

We will do a virtual presentation of the completed brand design kit.

We will start with a review of the brand adjectives, mood board, and color palette, then the logo, fonts, patterns, icons, mockups.

Afterwards, we can review and discuss any edits or adjustments to be made. The review can also be postponed a few days if you wish to think it over before dictating edits.

Also during this time, we will begin to outsource a photographer and book a date for your brand photoshoot.

Lastly, you will send us your favorite 4 images from the shoot that you want retouched.

All final files for the entire brand design will be sent to your client account for download and uploaded to your Canva account, if you wish.

Once we have finalized your brand design kit, we will complete the rest of your brand assets like social media banners, business cards, and development of your branded photo shoot.

Our next meeting will be sharing your comprehensive photoshoot guidelines. Your photographer will be present for this meeting as we go over everything needed to prepare. Here you will also be guided through wardrobe curation, pose coaching and location scouting.

Step Five

Full scope Brand Design Kit

Wait, What Is a Mood Board?

A mood board is a collection of visual elements such as image, type, colors, textures, etc. that convey a specific vibe, attitude, style, and/or aesthetic. 

The purpose of a mood board is to take abstract ideas and turn them into visual concepts that aid in refining the ultimate vision.

In brand design, it helps to deepen and specify a company's purpose and meaning behind their visuals.

Step Six


Preliminary call
Client portal set up
Initial ideas brainstormed
One mood board presentation

Final presentation
One round of edits
Final files uploaded

Process for Mini brand design kit and social media packages:

Exactly as full scope brand design kit process, but shorter.

Do I Need Branding?

What If I Already Have a Logo?

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