The Business of Dental Business

Whether You're Looking to Start a Dentistry-Based Biz or Grow One, You've Landed in The Right Place!

You Get the "Sunday Scaries"

You've Been Thinking About Starting a Biz For a While Now.

You Have a Feeling You Were Meant For Something More.

You Find Yourself Thinking: There's GOT to Be Something More Than This.

There's More To Life Than Cleaning Teeth and Paying Bills 

Is This You?

 "Our production doubled in less than a month"

"So busy I hired a second hygienist" 

"We started closing 60K cases! I didn't know it was possible!"

Dr Jen Berman

 Anna Afian, RDHAP

Dr Kelly Hong

louder for the folks in the back!

Our Business is YOUR Business

You will be methodically guided through your transformation into a dental business owner with a brand that creates a BUZZ! 

You will be given all the insight and strategy that has launched more successful dentistry-based businesses than anyone else in the dental industry.

Our Signature Program
6 Month Biz & Brand
1:1 and A to Z

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You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll cheer for more! Dental HyGenius alumni and current clients gather online or on Zoom to chat, laugh, share, lol, support, lmao, learn..
Fun! Value! Resources! Gurl Talk! Motivation! :)

Complimentary Membership

An additional 4 - 6 hours of Live Time is available each week. Drop by, drop in - totally up to you, we'd love to see you there!

Office, Group and Class Hours 

Client Accessibility (except when we're with other clients) is probably at unhealthy levels - but we like talking to you!!

ALMOST Unlimited Text, Email, & Phone Support

24/7 real-time, private digital workspace

6 hours of 1:1 Biz building each month

you're going to get:

From ideation to sold out launches and booked up schedules, our 1:1 Program has everything you need to Make More Money Doing What You Love and Create a Life You Love! 

Our Signature Program
6 Mo's Biz & Brand
Dental Start Up

You Will...

Become the Go-To Expert in Your Market

Package & Brand Your One-of-a-Kind and Authentic Passion for the Calling you Serve

Connect to Paying Clients on a Soul Level

Build a Scale-Ready Framework for Your Business Operations

Learn the Business of your Business

Turn Clients into Super Fans!

You Will Also Receive...

Custom Brand Design Kit by our in-house Creative Genius

30 min Creative Consult

90 min Brand Strategy Lesson

and a branded photo shoot too!! whaat?!

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Clients Enrolled in our Programs Enjoy a 50% Courtesy Applied to Add-On's and One-Off's

  • Single Super Biz Builder Session

  • Attraction Over Promotion - Content Strategy, Design & Tech Automation

  • Flow Without Friction - Client Pathway, Design,  Tech Set Up & Automation

  • Print & Present: Streamlined Case Presentation

  • Closers - Dental Team Sales Process Training

  • Get Ahead in the Cloud - Cloud-Based Software Set Up, Optimization & Team Training

  • Sticky Business - Patient Retention Strategy, Set Up & Training

  • Custom Brand Design Kit Extras

  • Custom Social Media Templates & Designs

  • Custom Captions or Website Copy

  • Customer Relations Management (CRM) Set Up

  • Website Templates

  • More!

The Dental HyGenius Isn't About Starting Business. We're About Starting MONEY MAKING Businesses That Change Your LIFE and Make You Happy. Set in Motion a Business that #SLAYS and PAYS when you hit that button below!

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